Endowment Board-


Board meetings are held at the library the third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m.
Meetings are open to the public.

OFFICERS: (Annual Appointments)

President: Carol Ziehmke
Vice President: Cheryl Neef
Secretary: Michael Muscanero
Treasurer: Jim Buckley


Jim Kelly 
Joan Foster 


How the Endowment Board came to be...      

         Over many years Angie W. Cox worked to establish a library for the residents of the Pardeeville area. Through many generous donations of books and money she was finally able to give Pardeeville a permanent library. The Angie Williams Cox Library Corporation was formed in 1925, the purpose being to maintain a free lending library in the Village of Pardeeville. Mrs. Cox purchased the building the for the library where it is currently located  and had it remodeled to suit the needs of a Library. March 9, 1925 the Angie W. Cox Library opened it's doors to the people of the Pardeeville area.

           In 1985 the Library joined the South Central Library System, making it a public rather than private library. Becoming a public library created the need for changes to the way the Library is governed. Two boards were formed to address this new dynamic; The Endowment Board and the Public Library Board. The Endowment Board has two responsibilities: 1.) Manage the endowment money so as to keep these funds available indefinitely, 2.) Maintain the Library building and its surrounding grounds. Graciously, the board also chooses to give a yearly contribution to put towards the operating budget of the Library.

To learn more about Angie W. Cox, and the history of the Library,
please visit our Library History page.