Friends of the Library - Officer Overview



PRESIDENT: Tom Romaniak

Tom Romaniak has been involved with the Angie W. Cox Public Library since his arrival in Pardeeville in 2007. He enjoys books and reading and would often read to his children until they fell asleep. As a result, several of his children have become avid readers and frequent users of libraries. He strongly believes in lifelong learning and is passionate about providing financial education to those in the community. Tom has been part of the Friends of the Library for several years and was named President of the group in 2018.


Judy serves as Vice President of Friends of the Library and enjoys the spirit of that group and their dedication to projects, which encourage reading for people of all ages but especially for children. She is happy to be able to have time for books of her choice---textbooks are fine but library books are better! She is a former Home Economics (Family and Consumer Education) teacher. She credits much of her love of reading to her grandmother who came to live with her family and would read to Judy any time she asked. Of course, the books were probably Dick, Jane and Spot. Now it's her daughter that keeps the spark alive by suggesting or sending books. While Judy has lived in several communities, she states that there has never been a library as grand as the Angie W. Cox Library or a staff as inviting and helpful. Judy also serves on the AWC Public library Board. 

SECRETARY: Cheryl Neef

Cheryl and her husband, Gale, love to read! Nearly every room in their house includes a bookcase. That love of reading caused her to become a member of the South Central Library System Board before even Pardeeville library joined. Currently she is a member of the Angie W. Cox Endowment board as well as the Friends of the Library. Her teaching career spanned many years as well. She retired from St. Mary School, Portage, Wisconsin after having taught music in public schools in Portage, Boronia, Australia and North English, Iowa. Everywhere she went, she found books to enjoy and share with others.


Troy is a lifelong Pardeeville resident who has been enjoying the library for over 50 years. He is a voracious reader who always read to his children and now his grandchildren. The Angie W. Cox library is truly a treasure for the community. The library offers so many services other than just books. Troy joined the Friends to help the library continue its improvements and his passion of getting books into the hands of children to inspire a lifelong love of reading. 


As Communication and Social Media Coordinator, Kristina is the behind the scenes sender of the Friends emails and social media posts on the Friends of the Library Facebook page. She has been active with the Friends since 2018 but only recently has taken a board position. She lives in Pardeeville with her family and 3 dogs. She is an avid reader, crafter, and adventurer.